Performance Breathworks Experiences.

Join the Performance Breathworks team for the ultimate wellness experience that combines, breathwork, movement and nature. Learn a variety of different tools that can help you Live, Work, and Play the way you want to. Benefits of Attending No matter where you are in this moment of your life, physically and mentally, a PB Experience will give you the tools to build a stronger, more empowered, and confident self. Whether you are already familiar and comfortable within this space, or are looking to push your boundaries and learn something new, a PB Experience will prove invaluable to your overall growth. Through excellent leadership, you will learn why and how to implement a variety of strategies to help you optimise the way you live, work and play every day and leave feeling like a new person, equipped to take on whatever life presents. PB private experiences can be arranged at our base Ardmay House Estate or can be delivered at the most suitable location for you. Please get in touch to arrange an experience you and your party will never forget.