Run With Ease Programme

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What is the Run With Ease Programme ?

As part of your Advanced Oxygen Advantage Instructor Training, you will receive the Run With Ease programme which puts breath at the heart of performance. 

Alongside breath, the course focuses on other fundamental aspects of health such as tension and relaxation, and fluid movement.

Since exercise seems to be becoming more and more disconnected from our body’s needs, we have designed a course that takes the focus away from the idea of ‘exercise’ and offers a more principle-centred, mindful approach to functional movement backed by the latest scientific research.

The Run With Ease course offers a foundational framework and skill set to develop good habits that have an effect on mood, motivation, energy levels, and our ability to enjoy running (and walking), no matter what age or fitness level.

You’ll learn how psychological considerations such as acknowledging improvements, understanding your ‘why’, defining success, overcoming obstacles, and developing a sense of community will focus the mind and reduce anxiety, leading to a more relaxed and enjoyable approach to training. 

Lesson content includes:

  • Why We Run – psychology and biology
  • Intention and Attention – purpose and awareness
  • Learning Through Process – definitions of success
  • Habit Forming
  • Preventing Injuries and Burn Out
  • Social Motivation
  • Designing Training Programmes.

Practical sessions include:

  • Mobilisation and Activation – warm up
  • Take a Step
  • Structure and Balance
  • Strength and Stability
  • Qigong Flow
  • Breathing Gears – walk to run, easy pace, steady pace, intervals, recovery.

You will get:

  • Unlimited access to an online training portal
  • PDF Coaches Manual
  • PDF Client Manual
  • Video lessons of practical exercises
  • Regular live online group coaching and catch-up sessions.

Although this course is focused on running it’s perfectly suited for walkers too.

The programme is run by Master Oxygen Advantage Instructor Gray Caws.

Gray has worked closely with a number of running specialists including Robin McNelis, England Athletic Running Coach and Cardio Physiotherapist who first introduced Gray to nasal breathing in running back in 2007. He also trained with world-renowned founder of ChiRunning Danny Dreyer and worked for several years as a Master ChiRunning Coach and ChiRunning Director of UK & Ireland. He is also a teacher of Qigong.

Course cost £1,790. Split over 4 payments

What you get.

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